The Benefits of Spirulina: “The Queen of Green”

The Benefits of Spirulina: “The Queen of Green”

“Superfoods” are often defined as foods that are digested more easily and that provide a wider array of nutrients that are typically not concentrated so efficiently in any so-called “whole” foods.  At Phuket Raw Cleanse, empirical research and anecdotal evidence have shown the benefits of consuming four specific superfoods—namely, spirulina, wheatgrass, bee pollen, and moringa.  To the uninitiated, these superfoods might as well have originated from other planets! 

The focus of this article is on spirulina, a deep green algae-derived substance with a distinctive flavor.  When people sample it for the first time, they are sometimes reluctant to embrace spirulina in its purest or “raw-est” form.  At Phuket Raw Cleanse, however, participants typically follow a daily detox and cleansing protocol of drinking spirulina three times a day to either jumpstart their day, prepare for intense exercise or recover from the after-effects of such exercise.  Spirulina promotes a healthy body, fortifies energy, and improves your overall well-being.

People who are committed to improving their diet, health, and well-being can enjoy spirulina, for example, in a juiced form.  Spirulina’s flavor might be an acquired taste for some people.  At Phuket Raw Cleanse, however, spirulina’s overtly earthy or herbal aftertaste is tempered by the simple addition of other complementary herbs such as lemongrass or ginger, or by blending in fresh fruits such as apple, pineapple or banana.

Spirulina, which really came into vogue as a food source in many developed countries in only the late twentieth century, was a staple part of both the Mayan and Aztec diets, and was also recognized by cultures in Africa, Asia, and South America for its unique health benefits.  It is the richest source of protein of any food on the planet.  Spirulina integrates an optimal mix of key vitamins and minerals, antioxidants such as beta-carotene, and essential fatty acids and amino acids.  For this reason, spirulina has been promoted by the UN as an alternative food source for regions with severe malnutrition such as in India and Africa.

Why is spirulina considered such an important cornerstone of the daily dietary protocol at Phuket Raw Cleanse?  It has been proven to have anti-carcinogenic properties, especially since it boosts the immune system.  For people prone to abnormal cholesterol or blood sugar levels, spirulina has been shown to stabilize both key determinants of health.  Also, consuming spirulina enables healthy weight loss and lower blood pressure when combined with the exercise routine at Phuket Raw Cleanse.  Such an exercise routine can be sustained because spirulina also “revs up the engine” and improves a person’s metabolic rate.  It also combats heart disease and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

At Phuket Raw Cleanse, a carefully constructed program of cleansing and detoxification recognizes the need to eliminate the toxins and free radicals that are released during intense physical exercise. The chlorophyll in spirulina acts as a cleansing agent, effectively optimizing your entire internal filtration system (your liver, kidneys and blood).  By eliminating waste more completely, spirulina can also help reduce fatigue, aid recovery 

after rigorous training or exercise as noted above, and rejuvenate cells and reduce the effects of aging.

Because of the unique combination of nutrients and restorative properties of spirulina, it makes sense to serve it to our customers at least three times a day at Phuket Raw Cleanse in tandem with a vigorous exercise protocol.  We also make this powerful product available to take back to your home countries so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of this superfood, the “Queen of Green.” 

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