Hua Hin Night Markets: All You Need To Know

When the sun sets at dusk, night markets spring to life. In Hua Hin, nightlife is certainly made more enjoyable by the presence of several night markets.

The following are the most popular night markets in Hua Hin.

Night Market

This is the oldest night market in Hua Hin, hence its name. It is also the closest to the town center, making it the most popular option for people staying in Hua Hin resorts as well.

As you would expect, the Night Market is deserted during the daytime. At night, however, you will be surprised by the amount of activity in this location. The majority of vendors sell cheap items such as jewelry, clothes and other accessories. This market is ideal if you are looking for a souvenir or gift to take back home after your vacation.

Grand Night Market

Despite its name, the Grand Night Market is not bigger than the Night Market. Similar to the Night Market, this location also has a flurry of cheap and likable items. 

The main reason for visiting this market is the abundance of bars and restaurants. Even better, such recreational areas are located close to each other and offer the best of Thai delicacies.

Cicada Market

The Cicada market was exclusively built for arts and handicrafts. Every weekend, local artisans gather here to showcase and sell their handmade items, including phone covers, drawings and many more.

Besides, there is an open-air auditorium where local thespians and musicians hold live performances every weekend. You can also have a taste of local cuisines at the designated food court.

Tamarind Market

Like Cicada, most of the activity at the Tamarind Market occurs during weekends. The most popular section is the food court, where you can find both local and exotic meals. As you down your meal, you can listen to classic Thai music as well as covers of popular songs. This makes the Tamarind the perfect chill spot.

The Tamarind Market holds an advantage of over other night markets because of its organized layout. The stalls follow a grid alignment and there are sufficient spaces in-between.

To get the most of these activities, you might need to book a place on time as there might be a rush for rooms in several classy Banyan hua hin resort .