Do you need promoters for the company registration in Thailand?

Do you need promoters for the company registration in Thailand?

You may not know this, but upon creating a private company in Thailand, you will need promoters. At the same time, you also need promoters if you create a public company. But why do you need these promoters?

The idea is simple, the promoters will make sure that they represent you legally and they do tend to have an equal share in your company. It’s the promoters that will showcase the interest for the company and they do show that the company has to be created in an adequate manner.

How many promoters are needed for company registration in Thailand?

This all depends on the type of business you want to have. In the case of private companies you will just 3 promoters or maybe a bit more if you want to. Things tend to be a bit more complicated for the public companies. Public company registrations require 15 promoters at least. This is really special and it does bring in front some rather unique opportunities, which is exactly what you want to consider right away. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to keep in mind, and one that you will enjoy a lot to say the least.

Who can become a promoter?

It’s safe to say that not everyone can become a promoter for the company registration in Thailand. There are some minimum requirements here. They were created to ensure that only the right people will become promoters. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing to have promoters, but selecting the right promoters is definitely set to bring in front some really good ideas and results.

So, who can become a promoter? You still need to have at least 21 years of age. This will help you act in behalf of the company. The governmental authorities need to know that you are in the right position to handle such a task, so being over 21 is a must. Then you need to have an equal share in the company. Some promoters will have less, others will have more, but it’s not idea. The ideal thing is for them to have an equal share in the company. It’s understandable and it does convey a sense of equality.

Without equality, there won’t be a good company registration in Thailand. That’s why you have this requirement, to set things straight and show that there are some great, amazing benefits to be had in here and they can be harnessed and explored in a meaningful and rightful manner.

That being said, the promoter shares can be transferred from one another. But you can do that only after you register the company. That’s definitely going to be impressive and it does go to show the true power offered by these things. It really is an astonishing experience and a tremendous opportunity that everyone will like a lot when doing company registration in Thailand. So yes, becoming a promoter is a good idea if you want to legally act in behalf of the company. And Thailand does require companies to have at least 3 promoters, if not more!

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